Halloween Costume Swap

The Vestal Museum Halloween costume swap was featured on TWC news.

See the video here.

Full text from the article below:

VESTAL, N.Y. — In Vestal, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Local residents took part in the Vestal Museum’s Halloween costume swap Saturday.

“We’ve had multiple people come and they swapped costumes,” said Cherese Wiesner-Rosales, Vestal Museum director. “They brought something in and they picked out something new. We felt that we’ve done our job.”

“It’s really nice because you have these costumes that you use once a year. Most of the time, your kid wants a new one. They don’t want to use the same one. They’re in great shape or you have multiple kids,” said Tracey Hanna, Vestal Museum clerk.

The swap also gives people a chance to save money while helping others.

“I’m really happy because instead of, for the kids to pay for the costume — it was so much money last year — so, I’m happy to give a free opportunity to give nice costumes out to other kids,” said costume donor Jasmin Rosales.

Organizers say they hope the costume swap will bring more people to the Vestal Museum.

“Part of what we want to do is make it a more friendly space for children,” Hanna said. “We want the space to be more alive and used well.”

“I’m trying to make this more of a community space where people feel comfortable coming in, seeing the different exhibits we have, and a lot of activities like a costume swap, bringing people together,” said Wiesner-Rosales.

And what better way to bring people together by sharing with one another?

All costumes not exchanged will be donated to local charities.

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