August 25 - September 29, 2018

Sacred Seeds, Native American Seed Saving

Native American seed saving at the Vestal Museum.

Opening Saturday August 25, 2018: 12-3pm
Haudenosaunee Festival: September 22 @ 1pm

Come learn about seed saving by viewing “Sacred Seeds: Native American Seed Saving” on exhibition at the Vestal Museum from August 25th through September 29th, 2018. For the Haudensaunee, seeds are not just commodities to be planted for sustenance, they are sacred. When their seeds disappear, so do their ceremonies, language, songs, farming practices, and connections to their ancestors. Special guest, Lisa Bloodnick will be speaking on the importance of Native American seed saving on August 25th at 1pm.

Visit our Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Festival on September 22nd from 10am through 2pm. There will be storytelling, a wampum belt talk, Haudenosaunee food, crafts for kids, vendors, and more. It will be a great celebration of Haudenosaunee culture!

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